Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today is officially my blog day!

I'm resurrecting my blog. I think I kind of forgot about it, like the things you shove in the bits and pieces drawer and forget you have till you have to clear it out! Well I'll try not to forget about it this time and what better day to relaunch it than the summer solstice.

I've been out on a jolly to Tropiquaria with my sister (in law) and my adorable and constantly entertaining tiddly nephew who has recently discovered what his legs are for.

We got to meet a snake

a rather spiky lizard

and a speedy tortoise

fortunately they didn't bring out the tarantula, I would have been out of there like a shot! We saw lots of ishies (fishes) and furry animals (all of which were far too quick for my camera, I got some rather arty blurred action shots!) and a very amusing marionette show, although I'm not sure the opening act of Can Caning marionette ladies was 'family entertainment', hilarious tho.

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