Monday, 4 July 2011

See the wood for the trees!

On the weekend I took myself off to the Blackdown Hills Woodland Festival. I know it sounds a bit tree huggy, we I suppose it was a bit, but really interesting and fun too. There was lots going on, people carving things with chainsaws (yes these really have been carved with chainsaws!)

A competition for running up a pole, sounds dull but the guy on the left managed it in under 5 seconds which I thought was pretty amazing, he must have been a squirrel in a previous life.

People making chairs out of sticks, and lots of other stands about green energy, or selling lovely handmade stuff.

There was also a stand displaying bonsai trees which I find absolutely fascinating, all the teeny tiny leaves and the patience that it takes to carefully persuade and coax them in to shape over the years and it amuses me when a bee or bug lands on one like a giant out of some 1950’s horror film. I’m not sure I’m that patient but I certainly have admiration for those that do, and that’s what has inspired me this week, the teensy weensy detail and miniaturisation of nature.

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